Reclamation Program

Rhino Commercial Mats Matting Reclamation Program

The strongest environmental statement any one of us can make is to select products that are durable and can be used longer. It is important to remember that “sustainability” by definition, is any practice that would ensure the viability of a product well into the future. Anti-fatigue matting products manufactured by Ranco Industries are engineered to provide optimum comfort, durability, and aesthetic character that sets the standard for excellence in our industry. This performance yields the best life cycle cost and the lowest total environmental impact.

The Easy Way To Recycle Vinyl Matting

To reduce the amount of material being disposed of in landfills, Ranco Industries is proud to introduce the Rhino Reclamation Program.

Ranco Industries has developed the technology to put used anti-fatigue mats back to work. The industry’s first Reclamation Program will provide the vehicle to reclaim, recycle and minimize the environmental impact of used mat disposal.

After receiving your new mat, simply ship Ranco your old mat in the same box and it will be directed to the most suitable recycle content value stream.